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Terms and Conditions


The system called Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter is an ambitious project expressly created for online booking in the field of nautical charter (leasing and hire) at the international level.

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter has as its objective to put in contact the End User who is looking for a boat for the holidays with the owners who own them.

When Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter talks about Ship Owners, it intends only and exclusively the owners, (natural persons or companies) who have the flat availability of the boat.

The system does not carry out any intermediation activity between the parties, but only makes available the IT tool so that supply and demand can be satisfied.

The Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter system allows the end user who is looking for a charter boat to always have the exact perception on the 'availability' or 'unavailability' of the same for the requested period and to know exactly the total cost of the potential holiday (including extras and possible discounts). The system geo-locates on the map thousands of boats used for leasing / hire, both Italian and foreign, used for boat charters, using a 'filtration' system which, based on an embarkation date (provided by the potential customer) allows to find on Yachtmaster .it Booking & Charter:

  • boats for rental / hire in exclusive use - bareboat (with or without skipper)
  • individual cruises with boarding cabin - cabin charter
  • individual daily cruises without overnight stay (..the next activation)
  • bed on board (.. of next activation)

The results will be only those of the boats available !!
By entering a date of embarkation, search results can be refined using a powerful search filter that takes into account:

  • type of boat (sail, motor, etc.)
  • specific activity (luxury, standard, fishing, diving, etc.)
  • boat length
  • number of cabins available
  • number of people on board
  • presence or absence of the skipper on board
  • port of embarkation and / or navigation area
  • daily budget
  • discounts on boats or cruises
  • last minute and early booking

Once the search is complete, the End User displays the results (actually available) through 2 modes:

  • geolocalizing the results on the map
  • through a rescheduling table

The User can then compare the results, see the individual boat / cruise cards, aggregate and compare the offers, request information from the Shipowner.

To guarantee the End User, every boat present on Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter is 'certified' and is connected to it by a 'rating' system formulated with the users' opinions.'Certified' boat means that:

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter asks the owners / owners of the boats placed on the site, sending the documentation proving the ownership of the boat. Following the successful verification of the property documentation Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter affixes a 'certification stamp'. This 'certification', to guarantee the User to avoid potential abuses.

'Rating' means that:

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter, following a reservation made by a customer, asks that the latter expiries a rating (rating) evaluating some aspects related to the booked boat and the professionalism of the owner / owner. This 'rating' is for potential customers to be able to choose wisely!

Customers, who choose a specific boat or cruise, which is underpinned by a date of embarkation and disembarkation, can generate a quote. The estimate is exact to the cent and takes into account many factors (season, optional, optional, discretionary, etc.).

The quotes are saved by the system and made available in a special back office section. There is the possibility to aggregate more estimates in order to compare them, choosing the one that best meets the specific needs. It is also possible to send estimates and comparing them to one or more email addresses.

Once the evaluation phase has been completed, the booking phase of a boat or cruise is changed.

To book, follow the same procedure that generates a quote (or recall a specific saved estimate).

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter chiede agli utenti che prenotano una vacanza il pagamento online (tramite carta di credito, paypal, ecc) del 5% dell'importo complessivo della stessa.Questo pagamento non è un costo effettivo per l'Utente.

In fact, the amount paid online, is immediately discounted by the total cost of the reservation. As an example, if the cost of a boat or cruise is 100, during the booking we ask for the payment of € 5 online. The balance of the boat is cruising, will be equal to € 95.

Once the reservation is complete, it is immediately transferred to the Shipowner / owner of the boat. The Owner contacts you in order to agree on the boarding procedures and for the balance of the remaining amounts. The balance of the booking amount is a direct agreement between the User and the Owner and is naturally discounted by 5%, already paid by the User via online payment.

As you read therefore no additional costs for the User.

Also maximum guarantee on the amounts paid to Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter because they are returned in case the agreement with the shipowner should not be successful in the next 10 days the reservation. Beyond this you can leave a negative 'rating' on the boat subject to booking

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter is a booking system that brings many benefits to owners / owners of boats for rental, rental and occasional hire.


  • it's cheap and does not include subscription costs
  • is a highly professional booking system built on the specific needs of the sector
  • allows you to enter an unlimited number of boats (as long as they are in your availability
  • the commission fee of 5% on bookings is paid by the customer and discounted by the total cost of the booking
  • highlights boats based on the judgment expressed by your customers
  • allows you to create offers based on 'last minute', 'early booking' ,' discount coupon'
  • has a simple booking management
  • has the possibility to export its booking to a pdf file
  • is connected to the major social networks
  • has many features of great interest

The owners / owners, who register for free with the system and show Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter.it Booking & Charter to be the owners of one or more boats, can and will insert them for free and without any limit, free use of the services that the system offers. layout and the most complete booking system for the existing charter boat.

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter generates its profitability from a commission of 5% on the total of each successful booking!

This fee is paid by the customer (via secure online payment system) but reduced by the total cost of the reservation. We request from now that every owner / owner agrees that this happens.

As soon as the user makes the reservation, and the payment of our. commission is successful, we provide to transmit the customer data and details of what has been booked. It will be the owner / owner's responsibility to make direct arrangements with the client, confirm the boarding dates and agree on the balance of the amounts. (of course, the customer will have previously viewed ... during the booking process, your payment terms and implicitly accepted).

General conditions of use of the service.


Welcome to the online booking system called 'Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter', available on the internet Yachtmaster Booking & Charter.it The service is provided by 'Charter & Co di Luca de Crescenzo', with in Molo Vespucci snc, 04023 Formia (LT), according to the following General Conditions of Use of the Service ('CGUS').

Who intends to benefit from the service itself is required to accept these CGUS, available at any time at Terms & Conditions

Unless expressly provided otherwise, the introduction of any change to the Service that makes it otherwise usable with respect to its current form, as well as the launch of new services, will be subject, and therefore will be regulated, by the CGUS.

2. WHO IS THE 'SYSTEM' FOR YOU? Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter is mainly aimed at:

  • End users looking for a boat or holiday cruise
  • Shipowners who have a boat used for renting, rental, occasional rental

For Ship Owners we mean only and exclusively the Italian and foreign Owners, Owners and Owners of boats used for renting, rental or occasional hire (with or without skipper / crew) who carry out their activity in Italy or abroad ( hereinafter referred to as 'Shipowners').

The owners can enter their boats for free after registering on the site and accepting the conditions of use by accessing a section of the Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter portal reserved for them and protected by a password.

End users are those who, by connecting to the Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter portal (https://www.Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter.it), use the system anonymously looking for boats based on available search filters .

After free registration, they can make a reservation request for a specific boat or cruise.

The reservation is subject to online payment of 5% of the amount thereof.

Once the payment is complete, the reservation and the personal data will be transferred to the owner of the boat subject to booking.

yaYachtmaster.it Booking & Charter provides the booking system, but remains unrelated to the agreements between the parties (Owner and End User)


Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter is an online booking system for boat charters. The system currently consists of two separate sections aimed at the final user that allow you to search respectively

  • boats in exclusive use (bareboat with or without skipper)
  • individual boarding at the cabin (cabin charter)

Upon registration, the 'Owners' have a special administrative section (back-office) through which they can enter their boats, defining the interior layout of the cabins. They will be able to create itineraries and cruises and manage the bookings received by using an 'interactive calendar' (Planning) to manage all the activities related to a specific boat.


The contractual relationship between Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter and Owner is defined and concluded with the free registration made by the latter, on a special online registration form on the site.

Deactivation of the service, like the cancellation of your account (and deletion from our database) can happen at any time. or you can choose not to activate the service.

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter details the 'Owner' on a special page of the portal the status of his subscription to the service and any additional services requested.


The Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter system has no subscription or service registration fees.

Owners and users can use the system free of charge which is made accessible without any limitation.

Following a reservation by a User of a boat or cruise, before the booking is transmitted to the Shipowner, the User is required to pay a commission of 5% of the total booked.

This commission is discounted by the total amount of the reservation (eg: booking cost € 100, commission amount of 5% equal to € 5, amount to be paid to the Shipowner € 95)

The 5% commission applied by Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter is not an intermediation but a cost for the service offered to the User and the Owner, which varies according to the amount booked.

The contractual relationship is always and only between the User and the Owner

6. OBLIGATIONS TO BE CHARGED BY Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter

'Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter' commits itself to continuously supply the online booking service 24 hours a day and for the entire period of registration to the system.

When executing the Yachmaster service, it commits itself to operate with professionalism, according to a degree of prudence above the average

Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter also undertakes to provide the shipowner with assistance and advice, or to perform unforeseen services, if they appear to be instrumentally indispensable for the implementation of the relationship and in any case do not result in excessive sacrifice or use of resources exuberant to the extent of the contingent necessity.


In order to use the Service, the Owner undertakes to provide the appropriate information to activate the service, following the online registration procedure.

Some of this information is also provided in the interest of Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter and end users and as such, being essential for the proper use of the service and to guarantee the offered service, must be updated, complete and truthful.

With regard to such information, if the Owner provides false or incomplete information, or if Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter considers, on the basis of its own discretionary assessment, that the information provided is, it will have the right to deactivate, temporarily or permanently account and prevent any subsequent use of the Service.

In order to make the provision of the service adequate, Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter recommends to the Shipowners to constantly update the information regarding their boats, taking care to manage their reservation periods.

In the appropriate back-office section, the Owner, for bookings of boats, cruises or cabins, received via 'extra Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter' channels, can use a simple procedure to make the dates 'unavailable'.


At the end of the registration procedure to the Service, the Owner is identified by a 'User ID' that corresponds to the registration email address and a 'Password' of at least 8 characters, chosen by him during registration. He also receives an email informing him of the registration.

User ID and Password will then identify the Owner allowing him / her to use the service. It is understood that this procedure is valid under the current legislation as an electronic signature, with all consequent legal and evidential effectiveness.

The Owner is aware that, in order to regulate access to the Service, its authentication is exclusively referred to the verification of the User ID and Password used by the same. The Owner is therefore responsible for the safekeeping and correct use of his User ID and Password to access the Service, as well as any harmful consequence or prejudice that may arise, against Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter or third parties, as a result of incorrect use. The Password can be changed at any time by the Owner, through a special procedure that generates a new one.


Personal data, as well as any other information that can be associated directly or indirectly with the Owner is collected and used in compliance with Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 n.196, containing 'Code regarding the protection of personal data', as well as the Recommendation n .2 / 2001 of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

10. EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES BY Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter

The Owner acknowledges and expressly declares that:

a) the Service is gradually provided 'AS IS' and 'AS AVAILABLE' and therefore Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter does not assume any responsibility regarding its missed or incorrect use and availability due to problems related to connections network, or the suspension of internet connection by the operator of the telecommunications network, and any technical and / or computerized malfunctions related to the equipment used by the Owner.

b) it is expressly excluded any guarantee against Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter explicit and / or implicit, concerning the eventual bad outcome of the booking made through the service.


These General Conditions and the relationships between Yachtmaster.it Booking & Charter and Owner are governed by the law of the Italian Republic. For any inherent controversy, deriving or otherwise connected to the present CGUS or to the use of the Service, the Court of Rome will be exclusively competent.


The Owner declares pursuant to and by effect of art. 1341, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code, to have carefully read and approve specifically the agreements contained in the previous articles concerning: Art. 1- Art. 2- Art. 3- Art. 4- Art. 5- Art. 6- Art 7- Art. 8- Art. 9- Art. 10- Art. 11- Art. 12.