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Got a travel agency, you are a maritime broker or a broker?
Want to earn on the charter boat business being able to choose from thousands of boats used for the leasing and rental?
Yachtmaster.it broker & charter It provides you the complete catalog of offers of rental boats and cruises available on the site, gaining brokerage commissions on each of the reservations were successful!

What does it mean?
By registering as a travel agency, you will be asked what percentage of income you want to receive transaction (min. 5% max 30%). Once recognized by the system (login) you will be directed to a specific section of Yachtmaster.it booking & charter system.

Here you can see all the offers of:

  • boats (sailing and motor) rental / lease with or without skipper or crew
  • rafts and boats available to daily rental
  • cruises to the cabin, individual, for singles
  • one day without overnight cruises
You can then propose to Your Customers deals Tuo / Their interest could:
  • filter the results based on multiple parameters
  • print the specific card offer or send it by mail to Your Customer
  • create a whishlist with offers of greatest interest
  • contact the owner of the boat
  • view the Planning of the specific boat being sure of the availability of this special offer
After defining what the best offer to Your customers PROPOSE! You can then OPTION for 72 hours this offer and wait for Your customer decides to buy it and pay to You the balance thereof. Following a Tua OPTION request, the offer remains locked and available for 3 days. If the option is not confirmed decade! You will be sent a text message and an email with a link to this specific request OPTION! To confirm it and transform it, within the agreed time, in an actual reservation, simply click on the link! By doing so you will open a tab with a summary of the reservation. You can modify some features (extra, insurance, etc). The system calculates exactly the amount of the reservation!
For example:
Book an offer which is worth € 1,150. and you have set up in 15% the percentage of desired Te on brokering. Your customer, to which you have submitted the offer opzionandone dates, it has already paid € 1,150. At this point, clicking on the link, you can change the status of the offer from Option a reservation by paying through an online procedure, € 1,000 € 1000 are amounts that include the cost of freight boat (bolted directly to the owner) and the cost of this service. The delta between € 1,150 (offer price) and € 1000 (sent money) is Your profit margin! As you can see, the system is very simple, and shows the costs of the offers already include the Committee hoped to you! The certainty of the availability of the offers is guaranteed 100% since: • the planning of each boat (on sea trade and cruises) is constantly updated and yachtmaster.it & charter booking system provides shipowners powerful synchronization tools of planning • following an OPTION, the system immediately sends a text message to the owner requesting the availability of dates and their confirmation. Only the confirmed dates may change status and be booked and paid by you. We are confident that this implementation to yachtmaster.it & charter booking system, specifically designed to the needs of travel agencies and maritime brokers can increase the range of offers to propose to your customers. Register the system and utilizzane free all the features!